BackDrop Distilling has teamed up with J DUB in downtown Bend, Oregon for a new vodka cocktail!

J DUB came up with something a little spicy for our Oregon vodka, and they call their new cocktail creation the JALEP-IN-YA-BIZ-NESS!


  • 2oz Award Winning BackDrop Vodka
  • Cucumber/jalapeño infused house-made simple syrup
  • splash of soda
  • muddled lime
  • garnished with a house pickled jalapeño

Thanks to Jon Weber & his crew! You guys know how to make the magic happen.

Come on down to J DUB and give the new BackDrop Distilling cocktail a try!

BackDrop Distilling teams up with J DUB in downtown Bend, Oregon for new vodka cocktail

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Essential oils seem to be everywhere these days... and did you know you can DRINK them?

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to some BackDrop Distilling Oregon vodka for a flavorful new cocktail!

Here is one of our favorite BackDrop vodka cocktail recipes to try at home:

Orange Clove

  • 2 oz of BackDrop Distilling chilled vodka
  • one drop of clove essential oil
  • one drop of blood orange essential oil
  • shake and strain into martini glass
  • orange peel garnish
This is a beautiful cocktail for sipping on the porch during summertime.  
add essential oil to BackDrop Distilling vodka for a new flavored cocktail

Looking for a delicious way to enjoy your BackDrop Distilling Oregon Vodka?

Rock this recipe at home:


  • Muddle 1/3 sprig of Rosemary with 3 to 4 Marion-berries (Blackberries during off season).
  • Pour 2 oz of BackDrop Distilling's award winning vodka & .75 oz of Cointreau (orange liqueur) into the glass, add a dash of cranberry juice & a squeeze from a lime wedge.
  • Sip and ENJOY!

Created by Dewi Stanczak of GoodLife Brewing & Mark Plants of BackDrop Distilling!

Got a vodka cocktail recipe of your own you'd love to share with us? Contact BackDrop Distilling and let us know!

BackDrop Distilling - award winning Oregon vodka

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BackDrop Distilling does it for the love of vodka. (And other spirits coming soon.)

We believe in creating your own backdrop, whatever it might look like. Living life to the fullest, and all that jazz. Thanks for making our award-winning vodka a part of YOUR backdrop, as well.

Just a peek behind our own BackDrop:

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BackDrop Distilling teamed up with The Capitol in Bend, Oregon for a fresh new twist on our award-winning vodka.

The mixologists over at The Capital came up with an apricot-vodka infusion, and created a custom cocktail with that!

The Apricot Vanilla BackDrop Vodka Infused Cocktail was created by Mixologists Flash & Eric of The Capitol in Downtown Bend Oregon! Amazing cocktail, unique and so good. These guys always have amazing infusions happening.

Check it out...



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BackDrop Distilling and Mt. Bachelor have teamed up several times in the past to bring you amazing Bend, Oregon vodka cocktail creations, and we are happy to be doing it again!

Mt. Bachelor is offering special Sunset Dinners on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and this is a Bend, Oregon dining experience you don't want to miss!

Mt. Bachelor is currently featuring a new cocktail called the Cloud Chaser, which is made with BackDrop Distilling's award-winning Oregon vodka. This vodka cocktail will be the perfect compliment for your sunset dinner.

BackDrop Distilling's award-winning Oregon vodka is featured in this Cloud Chaser cocktail at Mt. Bachelor

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BackDrop Distilling has named our newest vodka cocktail creation after the newest lift up at Mt. Bachelor... the CLOUD CHASER!

Cheers to Teyanna Clevenger for mixing up another round of brilliance. We appreciate her mad mixologist skills. 

Head on over to Mt. Bachelor for a taste of the BackDrop Cloud Chaser this summer.

BackDrop Distilling and Mt. Bachelor's new Cloud Chaser cocktail in Bend, Oregon

Beat the heat with a tasty vodka cocktail with BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka!

Great when in a cocktail or even just over ice, our smooth taste is a bit bold and refreshing at the same time. Whether you like to spice up your vodka with a bloody mary cocktail, or keep it simple and sweet with a bit of cranberry juice, BackDrop Distilling is delicious any way you sip.

Try a favorite vodka cocktail at one of these local Bend, Oregon establishments proudly serving BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka.

Try a BackDrop Distilling vodka cocktail at one of these local bend, oregon locations

Be sure to check out a few of BackDrop Distilling's favorite vodka cocktails currently featured over at GoodLife Brewing in Bend, Oregon:

Brewers Best Friend: BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka & grapefruit juice with a dash of bitters.

Bloody Good: BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka & Bloody Good Mix with celery bitters, celery, lemon slice, green bean, olive, black pepper & salt rim.

Moscow Mule: BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka & ginger beer in a copper mug with mint & lime.

Any of these vodka cocktails are sure to make you smile, so head on over and grab a favorite BackDrop cocktail for yourself soon!

BackDrop Distilling Vodka Cocktails featured in GoodLife Brewing in Bend Oregon

Need a cool cocktail for the hot summer?

Check out the Blueberry Basil Smash cocktail featuring BackDrop Distilling vodka, over at Marcello's Cucina Italiana in Sunriver, Oregon!

BackDrop's Oregon vodka pairs perfectly with the fresh flavors of blueberries, basil and sugar, coming together for a light vodka cocktail perfect for sipping in the summer heat.

Check out the BackDrop Distilling vodka cocktail recipe below, and head to Marcello's in Sunriver, Oregon to try it for yourself!