Mixing our smooth vodka taste with the perfect flavor combo for the summer heat, why don't you give this custom Orange Clove cocktail recipe a go?!

Orange Clove

2 oz of BackDrop Distilling chilled vodka
one drop of clove essential oil
one drop of wild orange essential oil
shake and strain into martini glass
garnish with orange peel

Just a heads up that Father's Day is coming up THIS Sunday, June 21! Give your dad something this year that you KNOW he'll appreciate... like a bottle of BackDrop's premium vodka.

Distilled right here in the city of Bend, Oregon, you can grab a bottle for him (and one for yourself, while you're at it), at one of Bend's local liquor stores.

Attention bartenders!

What's your favorite drink to make with vodka?  Try this one!

The BlackDrop
2.5oz BackDrop Vodka
3 Drops Digest Zen from The Essential Gaia LifeStyle
Crushed ice
Shaken and Strained into glass
Garnished with organic black licorice

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