Favorite BackDrop Distilling Cocktails over at GoodLife Brewing in Bend, OR

Be sure to check out a few of BackDrop Distilling's favorite vodka cocktails currently featured over at GoodLife Brewing in Bend, Oregon:

Brewers Best Friend: BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka & grapefruit juice with a dash of bitters.

Bloody Good: BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka & Bloody Good Mix with celery bitters, celery, lemon slice, green bean, olive, black pepper & salt rim.

Moscow Mule: BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka & ginger beer in a copper mug with mint & lime.

Any of these vodka cocktails are sure to make you smile, so head on over and grab a favorite BackDrop cocktail for yourself soon!

BackDrop Distilling Vodka Cocktails featured in GoodLife Brewing in Bend Oregon

Mark Plants
Mark Plants