October 01, 2017

BackDrop Distilling Bend Oregon Seattle Washington International Award Winning Vodka Distillery

When I left the sound industry to pursue my dream I named it BackDrop Distilling in tribute to creating my own BackDrop for myself & my family. 

We started with an organic vodka from the waters of Tumalo Creek. And we did it:) Five International awards later out of Bend & all I can think is...

I wanted my company to inspire others in their dreams, to create their own BackDrop, explore their own vision & explore their passions... at all costs.

I'm here now inside of it & I'm thinkin' how much love I have for your support of my dream, built from blood, sweat, tears & a whole lot of tastings:)

There are no words I could say that could ever explain how much you all mean to me. That you believed in this craft distilling movement happening inside your backyard. Thank you. Thank every single one of you... & Cheers to you & yours... & to your dreams.

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Which DRY Sparkling Soda flavor is your favorite to mix into your BackDrop Distilling cocktail?


Excited to be mixing up a signature cocktail with this amazing company who is located in Seattle next week! Stay tuned...

International Double Gold Medal, international silver and international bronze medal!  Been a great year.  Thanks for all the support.  Vodka Oregon. Few of our favorite places to hang in Bend... 

J Dub's Bar & Grill, The Brown Owl or Brother Jon's Public House. Love giving tribute out to these guys. Thanks for keeping it real, local & beautiful.

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BackDrop Distilling is giving tribute to the beautiful things happening at Steelhead Falls in Oregon.

Caught these guys in action while taking some new shots of the BackDrop Distilling vodka bottle.

I think the lesson here is... don't be afraid to jump; that hesitation is your mind playing tricks on you. To all you out there taking chances, cheers!

And click here to see where to get your hands on a bottle of BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka for yourself!

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Have you met BackDrop Distilling's German Hand-Crafted Still yet?

If not, get ready to get up close and personal. Peek in the window of GoodLife Brewing in Bend, Oregon and you'll see how beautiful she is. Schedule a private tour for an even closer look.

BackDrop Distilling is a Craft Distillery located in Bend Oregon featuring the waters of Tumalo Creek & a hand crafted mueller German still forged from copper. Unleash The Spirits!

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BackDrop Distilling is lucky to work with such fantastic mixologists in the Bend, Oregon area.

We love using offering up our award-winning vodka for some of the best craft cocktails in the world!

If you haven't had a chance to try the "Jalep-In-Yo-Bizness" over at J DUB yet, you really owe it to yourself to head that way.

This craft cocktail features BackDrop Distilling Vodka & muddled lime, cucumber & jalapeno infused simple syrup, and is garnished with a jalapeno & cucumber.

Huge shout out to Jon Weber & his team at JDUB! Great vibes. Cheers.

BackDrop Distilling Award Winning Vodka in New Craft Cocktail at J DUB in downtown Bend, Oregon

Labor Day is the unofficial last day of summer! And BackDrop Distilling wants to help you celebrate with a vodka cocktail.

So, go hit those Bend, Oregon waters and enjoy summer before it disappears. Then sit riverside and chill with a BackDrop vodka cocktail.

Whether you're floatin the Deschutes, or cruising along one of the lakes nearby, get out there and have some fun. And bring some BackDrop Distilling with you.

Just be sure to drink responsibly.

BackDrop Distilling - oregon vodka

Bend, Oregon is lucky to have so many amazing mixologists who love to create with BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka!

Giving a shout-out to just a few of the local places that have come up with some amazing vodka cocktail recipes featuring BackDrop: J DUB, DRAKE - Bend, Oregon, Corey's Bar and Grill, Mt Bachelor & so many more. Your talents in cocktail creation are amazing!

So... THANK YOU. Keep on coming up these crazy delicious cocktails, and we'll keep supplying you with all the BackDrop Distilling vodka to make it happen!

Wanna try your hand at mixing up something at home? Here's where to get your hands on one of our bottles.

Where to find BackDrop Distilling's Award Winning Vodka

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BackDrop Distilling is proud to have their Award-Winning Oregon Vodka featured as part of the Sunset Dinners at Mt. Bachelor.

Sunset Dinners are available at Mt. Bachelor on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, featuring tastings from local breweries, Oregon distilleries and wineries, and BackDrop Distilling's Award-Winning Vodka was enjoyed as part of the event on several nights. 

If you haven't enjoyed this yet, please call 800-829-2442 to reserve your space. Going on through the end of August, so there are only a few days left to enjoy this Central Oregon experience.

And if you want to try your own BackDrop Distilling Vodka tasting at home, here's where to find us!

BackDrop Disitlling Vodka featured at Mt. Bachelor Sunset Dinners

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BackDrop Distilling was proud to be a featured distiller at the 5th Annual Oregon Distillers Festival.

McMenamins Edgefield in Portland, Oregon, recently hosted the 5th Annual Oregon Distillers Festival on July 28th, 2016.

Over 120 handcrafted spirits from over 20 Oregon Distillers Guild members were presented, and BackDrop Distilling was proud to offer our Oregon Vodka. Black Rabbit Restaurant provided appetizers to enjoy along with the beverages.

It was a great experience, and we're looking forward to doing it again next year.

Still haven't had the chance to try BackDrop Vodka for yourself? You can find us here.

Locations where BackDrop Distilling vodka can be purchased

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