BackDrop Distilling Vodka is now available outside of Oregon!

You can now find BackDrop vodka in Seattle and Spokane, Washington.

Because our award-winning vodka is just too good not to share.

We just sent two pallets of BackDrop Distilling's delicious Oregon vodka up to Washington. But if you're down in Oregon and would like to enjoy, be sure to check out where you can get your hands on a bottle of your own!

Find BackDrop Distilling Oregon Vodka at these locations


You know you want some... vodka, that is!

You've tasted BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka in some of your favorite cocktails at some of your favorite hotspots around Bend, Oregon and other Oregon cites... but did you know just how easy it is to get your hands on a bottle of your own?

Bring a bottle of BackDrop vodka home with you, and get crazy with some vodka cocktail creations of your own! We'd love to hear the concoctions you come up with.

Here's a list of where to purchase a bottle of BackDrop Distilling vodka. Just keep on scrolling down the page till you find a place near you!

Take home a bottle of award winning vodka by BackDrop Distilling

Not to brag or anything... but did you know that BackDrop Distilling brought home both a silver AND a gold medal for our vodka, all within one month?!

Yup, it's true. The vodka that's made right here in Bend, Oregon, has become an award-winning sensation!

If you haven't tasted any yet, go get some! And if you have tried BackDrop Distilling vodka already... go get some more!

Take home a bottle of BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka, and celebrate with us!

award-winning vodka from BackDrop Distilling is made in Bend, Oregon

Sipping BackDrop Distilling vodka for a good cause...

Drake Restaurant in Bend, Oregon recently held a Ladies Mixology Night in support of the Deschutes Children's Foundation. Over $1,000 was raised at the silent auction alone, and more funds were generously donated during the event.

The ladies enjoyed themselves, and BackDrop Distilling was proud to be a supporting sponsor for the night. There was even a custom cocktail: the Angry Apricot, featuring BackDrop Vodka, apricot, fennel, cayenne and fresh-squeezed lemon, topped with soda water. 

Thanks for a great night, and for giving so generously to such a great cause! We love seeing the Bend, Oregon community come together.

BackDrop Distilling vodka at Drake Restaurant in Bend, Oregon

BackDrop Distilling wants to give a shout out to the crew over at J Dub Restaurant in downtown Bend, Oregon, who came out to tour our Oregon distillery and sip our Oregon vodka.

BackDrop Distilling vodka is made right here in our own distillery in Bend, Oregon. So it's a great night when we can get local businesses involved and give them a grand tour of our facilities so they can see just how how our award-winning vodka is created. And then best part, of course, is the vodka taste test.

J Dub will be creating a featured cocktail with BackDrop Vodka, and rumor is that it's gonna be a SPICY one! So get your tastebuds fired up and ready for the thrill, and we'll let you know when to head on to J Dub in downtown Bend to taste their newest vodka cocktail creation featuring BackDrop Distilling vodka.

J Dub tours BackDrop Distilling's Bend, Oregon distillery

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BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka is taking over Oregon (and other states soon, too)!

We've expanded our reach into even more cities of Oregon, so you can find BackDrop Distilling's vodka in even more locations!

Check out the listing of the Oregon restaurants, bars, pubs and liquor stores where BackDrop vodka can currently be found... and be sure to check back soon as we cross the border beyond the State of Oregon, too!

BackDrop Distilling vodka - found in Eugene, Oregon and other Oregon locations

BackDrop Distilling is incredibly proud to have such a fantastic fan-base here in Bend, Oregon.

We do what we do out of pure passion... our Oregon vodka is a local hit. And as word spreads and our popularity grows, we're able to spread the vodka goodness as well. That's why you'll now find BackDrop Distilling vodka in several cities throughout Oregon, and soon we'll be in Washington, as well.

There's no doubt in our minds that the success of BackDrop Distilling is due in part to all of YOU out there... friends, family and FANS cheering us on, sipping our vodka and helping to spread the word.

So, THANK YOU for all the love you send our way. You've become a part of our BackDrop, just as I hope we'll continue to be a part of yours.

BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka is made in their Bend, Oregon distillery

BackDrop Distilling is proud to have an award-winning vodka, distilled right here in Bend, Oregon.

We brought home the silver medal from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, and think it looks GOOD on us. Wouldn't you agree?

BackDrtop Distilling - award winning vodka - silver medal from Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Our distillery is located inside of GoodLife Brewing, so be sure to take a peek through the window or schedule a private tour!

And if you'd like to pick up a bottle for yourself, here's where you can purchase our award-winning vodka.

Sum-SumSummertime is HERE! Get ready to beat the heat with some refreshing vodka cocktails featuring BackDrop Distilling.

Our award-winning vodka goes great with any flavor you can throw our way... whether you're looking for a fresh new concoction or grabbing the comfort of a familiar one.

If you're in the Bend, Oregon area, be sure to stop off at GoodLife Brewing, where you can grab yourself an oldie but a goodie... the Moscow Mule with BackDrop's vodka. And while you're there, take a peek at our distillery inside!

BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka is made in their Bend, Oregon distillery

BackDrop Distilling is proud to announce that our vodka took home the Double Gold Medal in the 2016 Seattle International Spirits Competition!

That makes 2 wins for 2 spirit competitions in just 1 month's time. We are blown away by the response, and know that we couldn't have done it without the support of our friends, family and FANS!

If you haven't been to our Bend, Oregon distillery yet, be sure to do so, and check out where you can pick up a bottle of AWARD-WINNING BackDrop Distilling of your own!

BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka is made in their Bend, Oregon distillery   BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka is made in their Bend, Oregon distillery