BackDrop Distilling's Oregon Vodka Featured at Sunset Dinners at Mt. Bachelor

BackDrop Distilling is proud to have their Award-Winning Oregon Vodka featured as part of the Sunset Dinners at Mt. Bachelor.

Sunset Dinners are available at Mt. Bachelor on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, featuring tastings from local breweries, Oregon distilleries and wineries, and BackDrop Distilling's Award-Winning Vodka was enjoyed as part of the event on several nights. 

If you haven't enjoyed this yet, please call 800-829-2442 to reserve your space. Going on through the end of August, so there are only a few days left to enjoy this Central Oregon experience.

And if you want to try your own BackDrop Distilling Vodka tasting at home, here's where to find us!

BackDrop Disitlling Vodka featured at Mt. Bachelor Sunset Dinners

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Mark Plants
Mark Plants