Mixing Things Up in Bend, Oregon with BackDrop Distilling Vodka

Bend, Oregon is lucky to have so many amazing mixologists who love to create with BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka!

Giving a shout-out to just a few of the local places that have come up with some amazing vodka cocktail recipes featuring BackDrop: J DUB, DRAKE - Bend, Oregon, Corey's Bar and Grill, Mt Bachelor & so many more. Your talents in cocktail creation are amazing!

So... THANK YOU. Keep on coming up these crazy delicious cocktails, and we'll keep supplying you with all the BackDrop Distilling vodka to make it happen!

Wanna try your hand at mixing up something at home? Here's where to get your hands on one of our bottles.

Where to find BackDrop Distilling's Award Winning Vodka

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Mark Plants
Mark Plants