The "Jalep-In-Yo-Bizness" Vodka Cocktail - BackDrop Distilling

BackDrop Distilling is lucky to work with such fantastic mixologists in the Bend, Oregon area.

We love using offering up our award-winning vodka for some of the best craft cocktails in the world!

If you haven't had a chance to try the "Jalep-In-Yo-Bizness" over at J DUB yet, you really owe it to yourself to head that way.

This craft cocktail features BackDrop Distilling Vodka & muddled lime, cucumber & jalapeno infused simple syrup, and is garnished with a jalapeno & cucumber.

Huge shout out to Jon Weber & his team at JDUB! Great vibes. Cheers.

BackDrop Distilling Award Winning Vodka in New Craft Cocktail at J DUB in downtown Bend, Oregon

Mark Plants
Mark Plants