Negative Temperatures mean Bend's Homeless Need Us:
We're creating a Christmas Tree made outta' sleeping bags. Will you drop off one? Two? If you'd drop a sleeping bag or two by BackDrop Distilling located inside GoodLife Brewing for Bethlehem Inn you'd be participating in saving lives, literally.

See, when Bethlehem Inn is full due to fire code, they have to turn our homeless away even in negative temps.
Stop by anytime, or rock our complimentary tasting & tour Wed, Thurs, Fri nites 5 to 8pm.

Local businesses who want to join us & host a Sleeping Bag Tree are welcome...

We'll send you the 'how' & we pick up on the 22nd. Adventure Medics has signed on to rock the pick up and then take them to Bethlehem Inn. It takes 30 sleeping bags to build a tree.
12 on the bottom. Level two is 8 sleeping bags, level three is 6, then 3 then one on the top. You get to choose your own star of course. Will you help us?

Contact me at Cocktails@BackDropDistilling to make it happen. Anyone who rocks this movement with us will get their own office private tour with BackDrop scheduled whenever you like.
For those just wanting to drop off, hell yes! Thank you for your help, can't wait to meet you.

Ever wanted a behind the scenes tour of a distillery in Bend, Oregon? We have what you've been craving right here with BackDrop Distilling! Check us out Bend, Oregon as we walk you through the history of BackDrop Distillery, sample some amazingly smooth vodka, and get a chance to gaze upon our German copper still. 

For all our Distillery tour information in Bend, Oregon click here. 

Celebrating things #MadeInBend

September 28, 2015

Cocktails anybody? This Hand Crafted Affair should be amazing considering Terrasteel Design took the High Desert Design Award, Best of Jury & a Street of Dreams feature! ‪#‎MadeInBend‬ to its finest! Go check em' out this Wednesday at 5:30!  Featuring yours truly and Goodlife Brewing!

Take us home with you and feel GOOD about it in the morning.

LADIES TANKS are now for sale in our Bend, Oregon distillery and now ON OUR SITE! Get yours here:

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Oregon Vodka at its finest... it was another big bottling day for us here at our Bend, OR Distillery. Check out a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes action as we bottled up the goodness.

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Ready to OFFICIALLY enter the Spirit World?!

Major THANK YOUs go out to to Terra Steel for creating our custom entryway gates, which make the transition into our Bend distillery even more incredible.

"Thank you to all who've helped me launch my Oregon Distillery; BackDrop Distilling wouldn't be doing what we do without you!" -Mark Plants-


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Liquid Love Tastings Every Thursday!

Come see where the magic happens at BackDrop Distilling! Taking place this Thursday from 5 to 7pm inside GoodLife Brewing. Salut!

"Unleash The Spirits"

The BackDrop experience is here to inspire everyone to create your own lifestyle; essentially manifesting your own BackDrop.  When we state to crack open a bottle of BackDrop Vodka & celebrate your theme song we are sincere. 

Our Vodka is handcrafted & blended from the waters of Tumalo Creek & is slow filtered.  We're proud to say that the Level Magazine blind taste test gave us an 82 percent choice of BackDrop Distilling. Thank you from the bottom of our still for your love of our BackDrop Distilling BackDrop Vodka! 

Being a distillery in Oregon is a privilege & as the head distiller, I want to invite you to our locals night distillery tour right here in Bend, Oregon.  We are located inside GoodLife Brewing.  Every Thursday night we'll be opening up our distillery for intimate tours on BackDrop Distilling starting August 6th! 


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We've been so fortunate to be a part of the Bend, Oregon Distilling scene.  Our BackDrop Vodka has been received with open arms.  From being a connoisseur to distilling education, the excitement of an amazing spirit hitting the shelves and having fans love it has been the greatest joy.

Thanks to the team, Tow Truck Tom, fam & friends. I couldn't be creating my own BackDrop without your love for the Spirit World & your passion for sipping on a quality Bend, Oregon Spirit.


Enter the Spirit World

July 21, 2015


Your moment of truth is here...

Enter the Spirit World with BackDrop Distilling, Welcome...

Thank you so much Terrasteel Furniture Design, LLC for all your amazing hard work you put into making our gate into the spirit world! You guys rock!