BackDrop Distilling is being featured in the 6th Annual TOAST: The Original Artisan Spirits Tasting, presented by The Oregon Distillers Guild.

From their site: "The 6th Annual Toast event is an opportunity to taste from a wide variety of over 120 spirits from across the Northwest, the Country and the Globe. Whether your spirit preference is Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Brandy, Liqueurs - or even unique spirits like Absinthe and Aquavit - the estimated 40 distillers and producers at TOAST will have it covered. TOAST allows small distillers and producers to showcase their handcrafted spirits, while providing an opportunity for the public to experience the diversity and quality of craft spirits from Oregon and beyond."

If you're in Portland, Oregon and would like to partake, event tickets can be purchased from this site.

BackDrop Distilling Oregon Vodka - featured at Oregon Distillers Guild Presents the 6th Annual TOAST

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BackDrop Distilling is not-so-slowly taking over Oregon. This Oregon distillery is producing Oregon vodka which can be found in many bars and restaurants in Bend, Oregon, and liquor stores throughout Oregon.

This Oregon distillery is proud of the growth that has happened over the past year throughout Oregon, and BackDrop Distilling looks forward to reaching even more consumers as the year progresses.

You can now find your favorite Oregon vodka by visiting the BackDrop Distilling website; a list of places that carry vodka from this Oregon distillery is now available.

Click here to see where to locate BackDrop Distilling vodka throughout Oregon.

BackDrop Distilling vodka - Bend, Oregon Distillery

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Enter the gates to the spirit world with BackDrop Distilling!

BackDrop Distilling - private Oregon Distillery tours - Bend, Oregon

Get a peek behind the still with BackDrop Distilling tours in Bend, Oregon. Explore the distillery process, check out our hand made German copper still, taste some excellent vodka, and leave with some swag!

A great way to treat your friends, employees, co-workers, etc. to a behind-the-scenes private tour of our distillery and distilling process! Be a part of the Bend, Oregon culture, and treat them to something they've never seen up close before.

Click here for more info and to book your private tour!

And BIG thanks to the guys of TerraSteel Furniture Design for creating our custom gates to enter the spirit world!

Crystal clear and soooooo smooth, BackDrop Distilling vodka is GREAT when infusing, blending, and creating your favorite cocktails.  So... what will YOUR next Oregon vodka creation be?

Teyanna from Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon created a "Hearts of Fire" cocktail, saying that the smoothness of BackDrop Distilling vodka was the perfect pairing with a bit of sweet heat.

But BackDrop Distilling wants to know... what will YOU create next? Let us know!

BackDrop Distilling vodka used in Hearts of Fire cocktail creation at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon

It's always a treat to see the places where BackDrop Distilling of Bend, Oregon pops up.

Shout-out to the ladies of Mt. Bachelor who were rocking some of our VIP shirts... BackDrop Distilling looks good on you!

Click here to get a BackDrop Distilling VIP Shirt of your own!

BackDrop Distilling - Bend, Oregon - VIP Shirts on ladies of Mt Bachelor

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Welcome to Bend, Oregon... where we take our vodka and cornhole pretty seriously. As long as there's FUN involved.

BackDrop Distilling recently played host to an event called "Gear Junkie Heaven," put on by Nevado Mountain Adventures and Sponsored by Hoodoo.

One of the highlights of the night? SNOWBALL CORNHOLE!

And of COURSE the BackDrop Vodka was flowing, with three specialty cocktails created for the night.

BackDrop Distilling - in Bend, Oregon - Vodka Cocktails

BackDrop Distilling - Bend, Oregon - Oregon Vodka - Snowball Cornhole

BackDrop Distilling - Oregon Vodka - Party at Distillery

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If BackDrop Distilling had our own movie trailer, it would go something like this...


The cool, crisp waters of Oregon are instilled in every bottle of BackDrop Distilling vodka. And this Bend distilling company takes pride in being a part of Oregon culture. So if you're looking for an Oregon vodka, look to BackDrop Distilling.


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Taking over the world... one bottle at a time!

BackDrop Distilling vodka can now be found in select stores in PORTLAND, OREGON!

Join us on this journey as BackDrop Distilling travels from Bend, Oregon into other areas. First stop: Portland, Oregon. Next stop... the WORLD?! Up now is BackDrop's delicious vodka, which beat out other well-known name brands in a taste test. And coming this summer... RUM!

Be sure to look for BackDrop Distilling vodka in local liquor stores of Portland, Oregon.

BackDrop Distilling vodka now in Portland Oregon

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How AWESOME is our community here in Bend, Oregon?

BackDrop Distilling joined forces with other local companies here in Bend, Oregon over Christmas to gather sleeping bags for the homeless.

Bethlehem Inn works to provide shelter to the homeless, which gets extra-full when the temps drop this low, and needs help providing sleeping bags to keep everyone warm. So BackDrop Distilling and others from Bend did what they could to help out. Besides gathering sleeping bags, donations of clothes and TOYS were made, and an annual Christmas dinner was help, too!

Check it out:

Special thanks to Haggen Northwest Fresh - 3rd & Revere Bend, OR, Terrasteel Furniture Design, LLC, Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon, Adventure Medics, GoodLife Brewing, Hola! Bend, EsTa BiEn, Mt Bachelor, Baldy's BBQ, Spooky Nation, Lifeworks Massage - Amber Long LMT, Älska Art, Loomis Plumbing, LLC, and all of the awesome volunteers who helped make this happen.

Hey Bend, it's getting cold outside... the forecast for tonight is a bone chilling 14 degrees! Please help the homeless of Central Oregon stay warm by donating to BackDrop Distilling's sleeping bag collection drive.
We are giving away sleeping bags to the homeless that have to be turned away from the Bethlehem Inn when they are at capacity. But we need MORE sleeping bags!
You can drop your donated bag with us at BackDrop, (located inside Goodlife Brewing), with Spooky Nation across from Goodlife, or at Distinctive Dentistry on SW Scalehouse Loop. 
Thanks to all those that have already contributed, let's keep Bend warm!