Operation Sleeping Bags!: Help us keep the homeless warm this holiday season in Bend!


Negative Temperatures mean Bend's Homeless Need Us:
We're creating a Christmas Tree made outta' sleeping bags. Will you drop off one? Two? If you'd drop a sleeping bag or two by BackDrop Distilling located inside GoodLife Brewing for Bethlehem Inn you'd be participating in saving lives, literally.

See, when Bethlehem Inn is full due to fire code, they have to turn our homeless away even in negative temps.
Stop by anytime, or rock our complimentary tasting & tour Wed, Thurs, Fri nites 5 to 8pm.

Local businesses who want to join us & host a Sleeping Bag Tree are welcome...

We'll send you the 'how' & we pick up on the 22nd. Adventure Medics has signed on to rock the pick up and then take them to Bethlehem Inn. It takes 30 sleeping bags to build a tree.
12 on the bottom. Level two is 8 sleeping bags, level three is 6, then 3 then one on the top. You get to choose your own star of course. Will you help us?

Contact me at Cocktails@BackDropDistilling to make it happen. Anyone who rocks this movement with us will get their own office private tour with BackDrop scheduled whenever you like.
For those just wanting to drop off, hell yes! Thank you for your help, can't wait to meet you.

Mark Plants
Mark Plants