Cheers to our fans - BackDrop Distilling of Bend, Oregon

BackDrop Distilling is incredibly proud to have such a fantastic fan-base here in Bend, Oregon.

We do what we do out of pure passion... our Oregon vodka is a local hit. And as word spreads and our popularity grows, we're able to spread the vodka goodness as well. That's why you'll now find BackDrop Distilling vodka in several cities throughout Oregon, and soon we'll be in Washington, as well.

There's no doubt in our minds that the success of BackDrop Distilling is due in part to all of YOU out there... friends, family and FANS cheering us on, sipping our vodka and helping to spread the word.

So, THANK YOU for all the love you send our way. You've become a part of our BackDrop, just as I hope we'll continue to be a part of yours.

BackDrop Distilling's award-winning vodka is made in their Bend, Oregon distillery

Mark Plants
Mark Plants