BackDrop Distilling Oregon Cocktails

Orange Clove

2 oz of BackDrop Distilling chilled vodka
one drop of clove essential oil
one drop of blood orange essential oil
shake and strain into martini glass
orange peel garnish
This is beautiful for sipping on the porch during summertime.  
BackDrop Distilling located in Bend Oregon.  Quick shout out to all the awesome Oregon Distilleries out there.  Keep up the amazing spirits!

Lemon Haze

2.5 oz BackDrop Vodka
2 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops Triple Sec
Squeeze a lemon wedge into shaker
Shake and strain
Garnish with a lemon twist 

The BlackDrop

2.5oz BackDrop Vodka
3 Drops Digest Zen from The Essential Gaia LifeStyle
Crushed ice
Shaken and Strained into glass
Garnished with organic black licorice