The CloudChaser Cocktail Created By Mt. Bachelor

Mt Bachelor celebrated by reaching out to us ... BackDrop Distilling.  Featuring our international award winning Vodka, Mt. Bachelor's mixologist Teyanna M Clevenger Pototskiy created a brilliant cocktail they of course named "The BackDrop CloudChaser". In this film we see how BackDrop hides a mixologists craft cocktail recipe inside every bottle which they literaly bottle by hand right here in their distillery.


Mixologist T. Clevenger joined BackDrop as seen in this film to bottle a run that features 'her' CloudChaser creation which is now in liquor stores in Central Oregon. THE STATS OF THE NEW CLOUD CHASER LIFT ARE IMPRESSIVE:

6576 feet in length, 21 towers, capable of moving 2400 people an hour lifting powder junkies 1448 vertical feet to the top of a mountain, Mt Bachelor's new lift was given the name THE CLOUDCHASER & is a milestone for Central Oregon.

Horizontal Length 6,576 feet, Vertical Rise 1,448 feet
Number of Chairs 141, Number of Towers 21, Uphill Capacity 2,400 people per hour
Additional Groomed Runs 6.2 miles/36 acres, Additional Skiable Acres 635 acres
Total Skiable Acres 4,318 acres

The name Cloudchaser pays tribute to the mountain’s unique weather patterns and the phenomenon whereby approaching clouds from the west tend to dissipate and disappear altogether as they wrap around the summit and pass to Mt. Bachelor’s east side. Below our some lift stats & inside this film is a tour of the hand bottling process & The CloudChaser run itself!

Legendary mixologist Teyanna M Clevenger Pototskiy created the CloudChaser cocktail. You'll see her in this film helping Mark Plants of BackDrop as he hand bottles ... every single bottle locally. Inside each bottle is a recipe that he hides featuring a legendary cocktail. On this run of course it is The BackDrop CloudChaser cocktail recipe.


Mark Plants
Mark Plants